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InVision Tampa will create a master plan for the city center of Tampa, Fla., spanning from downtown to Ybor City on the east, Armenia Avenue on the west, and north along historic Nebraska Avenue to Hillsborough Avenue. Working with the city, experts and scholars with worldwide experience and insight will walk, talk, photograph, map and — most importantly — listen to you about the nuances of your neighborhood as well as the things that matter to you and your families now and in our future.

    A New Vision for Tampa’s West River Community

    “What if instead of being limited by our greatest asset, we embraced it?” – Mayor Bob Buckhorn

    Right now our downtown is shifting its center around the Hillsborough River, new points of interest are created along the waterfront, and a safer place to live, work and play exists for everyone.

    With the draft West River Redevelopment Plan & Recommendations, we’ve outlined more actionable recommendations for the West River’s revitalization based on YOUR vision. Through meetings, workshops, surveys, briefings and more, we’ve listened to your thoughts and feedback to ensure Tampa’s future stays rooted in its historical and cultural foundation.

    A few of our recommendations include:

    • Great Neighborhoods: New mixed-income, market-rate standard housing is delivered in diverse formats, connected by walkable streets and access to great parks, schools, community retail and support services.
    • Anchor Main Street Retail: Key intersections, such as at Rome Avenue and the historically important Main Street, hold commercial growth opportunities as more residential units and enhanced job training create diverse purchasing power to support local retail.
    • River to Bay: By relocating sports fields, an extension of Willow Avenue will allow a linkage across the community from the Hillsborough River to Tampa Bay, connecting a variety of neighborhoods, local businesses and activity areas to waterfront investments.
    • Waterfront Square: The spot where Willow Avenue meets the River can act as a neighborhood hub, creating a public open space for dining, recreation, performances, festivals and markets.
    • Educational and Civic Campus: New partnerships among city, county, school board and the various community service providers can help create walkable and bikeable streets, transit services, a new community center and a completed Riverwalk ‘Loop’ that connects the future west waterfront trail to the nearly completed east bank Riverwalk.

    At last night’s community open house, more than 300 people attended and shared feedback on this draft plan.

    Now, it’s your turn. Let us know what you think.

    Download the draft plan here.

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    Voice Your Support for the Center City Plan!

    Since unveiling the Center City Plan one year ago, we have received a great deal of support from Tampa’s residents and business owners. It is evident that there is a strong passion for smart urban growth in Tampa.

    From more pedestrian friendly streets to centering downtown on our waterfront, this is truly YOUR vision for Tampa’s future.

    Now, it’s time to voice your support to City Council! On Dec. 19, the Tampa City Council will hold a public hearing to approve or reject the InVision Tampa Center City Plan.

    Please join us for the hearing to encourage City Council to approve the Center City Plan:

    If you’re unable to make the hearing, please write to City Council and tell them to approve the Center City Plan.

    And, as always, share your ideas on Facebook and Twitter!

    Thank you,
    InVision Tampa Team

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    Breaking Down the Nebraska – Hillsborough Corridor

    At the May 2 Community Design Workshop, our planning team presented a vision for the Nebraska – Hillsborough Corridor. The first element of the vision involves defining and changing the character of the corridor to give it a sense of place. Rather than creating three miles of the same character, the vision seeks to build upon the unique qualities within the corridor. The corridor of the future is seen as a series of main streets separated by activity centers focused at key intersections.

    This design incorporates and builds upon the heritage of the corridor, the historic pattern of buildings, the range of building types (residential, commercial, and workplace), and the relationship to the adjacent and abutting residential areas. Our planning team identified five distinct planning areas that comprise the Nebraska – Hillsborough Corridor.

    1. Hillsborough Community Boulevard: This segment is seen as a grand boulevard, continually evolving into a retail and service destination, while still serving as an important east-west transportation connection.
    2. Nebraska Main Street: The section of Nebraska generally north of MLK has beginnings of a traditional “Main Street” with a mix of retail and service uses, which can be amplified with public realm improvements such as on-street parking and streetscapes.
    3. Nebraska Workshop District: This district, with a wider variety of building types, from residential homes to retail to workplace, can be situated to become the neighborhood’s “working main street” with commercial uses situated to support a larger amount of employment in this portion of the corridor.
    4. Nebraska South Main Street: This portion of the corridor is the linkage and gateway between historic Ybor City and Tampa Heights, serving an important connection between these two neighborhoods and the cultural and commercial amenities they include.
    5. Downtown Core: Moving into downtown, the corridor takes on a more urban character, with larger blocks and parcels that can accommodate more intense development and are more highly connected to the region via transit, representing an ideal location for office, residential, and the uses that support them. 

    Which of these areas have you visited already and what has been your impression?

    Join us on September 24 at 6:30 PM at The Children’s Board to learn more about the five character areas and much more as the our planning team presents the plan for the Nebraska – Hillsborough Corridor.

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    The Nebraska – Hillsborough Corridor Plan

    Over the past several months, the InVision Tampa planning team has studied the Nebraska – Hillsborough Corridor in depth.  Building on the work of the Center City Plan, in December 2012, the team conducted four corridor charrettes with residents to share ideas about the future of the corridor.  The planning team also met with some local business owners along the corridor to better understand the opportunities and challenges to starting and running a business.  Our team reached out to a wider community through our I-Town Virtual Town Hall for additional ideas and insights.  We also dug into the corridor’s past to uncover secrets to made Nebraska and Hillsborough Avenues special and how that important past can be used to shape a new future.

    What we learned is that corridor is home to a variety of businesses and opportunities.  Residents genuinely care about Nebraska and Hillsborough Avenues and they want to shop and do business along these corridors, close to where they live.  There are areas that in need of attention and challenges, but there are also many bright spots and several unpolished gems waiting to be discovered and nurtured.

    Over the coming weeks, through our blog and on-line forums, we’ll be unveiling some of the ideas for the future of Nebraska and Hillsborough Avenues.  As always, we invite your comments and feedback as we continue to strive to build a more livable and desirable community.

    Join us on September 24 at 6:30 PM at The Children’s Board (1002 E. Palm Avenue) for the public presentation of the Nebraska – Hillsborough Corridor Master Plan.


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    West River Community Briefing

    The InVision Tampa team needs community input on creating a thoughtful, connective plan for Tampa’s West River area, which includes the western bank of the Hillsborough River and its neighborhoods.

    The public is invited to join us for a community briefing on Thursday, July 18 at Blake High School from 6 to 8 p.m.

    This meeting will discuss the current community feedback from various sessions, meetings, surveys and research, as well as present preliminary concepts, ideas and strategies for additional feedback from stakeholders.

    RSVP by emailing

    For more information on the West River study, go to

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    Residences at the Riverwalk

    Our Riverwalk is rapidly becoming a vibrant mix of business, entertainment and culture. It is thriving, not just by connecting important community assets from the Florida Aquarium to the Straz Performing Arts Center, but by creating a sense of place that energizes the entire downtown area, emerging as a destination in and of itself, and attracting economic investment.

    Right now, there is another important forward move under consideration – more residential in the Center City. The project is called “Residences at the Riverwalk”— and we’d love to hear what you think!

    What is the Residences at the Riverwalk?

    The Residences is a high rise apartment building that would be constructed just west of the public library and south of the Performing Arts Center, about an acre away from the waterfront itself. This site could be a wonderful compliment to the Riverwalk, the Straz Center and the library.

    What are the benefits of the project?

    The Residences is aligned with the Center City Plan recommendations, bringing coveted downtown residential, ground floor retail and enhanced access to the waterfront.  And, as importantly, it has also accommodated requests from the Straz Center and library including

    • reconstruction of the cross bridge;
    • additional parking;
    • improvement of the street grid around both institutions; and
    • construction of a new access and arrival pavilion for the Straz Center based on its own specifications.

    Further, the Residences on the Riverwalk will donate $1 million dollars to the Straz Center to use as they see fit for other needs they have.

    What do you think?

    PLEASE EMAIL City Council and Mayor Buckhorn and let them know what you think about the Residences on the Riverwalk. 


    City Council:

    Thank you!

    The InVision Tampa Team

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    Nebraska South – “The Workshop District”

    At the May 2 Community Presentation on the Nebraska – Hillsborough Corridor Plan, the area between MLK Blvd and I-4 was introduced as “The Workshop District.” The name reflects the corridor’s heritage as a working corridor, hailing back to a time when Vincent Martinez Ybor established Ybor City and sprouted many large workspaces along Nebraska Avenue. Today, this portion of the corridor offers a variety of jobs and economic opportunity ranging from the commercial/industrial to service/retail and restaurant/specialty shops.

    The corridor has a range of existing historic buildings that can be retrofitted. Large buildings can be subdivided for start-up and co-op spaces, mid-sized ones are great for hardware stores, salons, bodegas, and the houses, for restaurants and boutiques. The corridor also has the potential of attracting restaurants and specialty retail to support the nearby residential areas or the businesses along the corridor. Gathering places can be created giving the corridor a sense of place and providing a true work-live-play environment.

    For more information/ideas, check out the May 2 Community Workshop Presentation hereAdditionally, below is a quick look at the current state vs. the potential future for this area. 


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    Packed House at West River Charrette


    Last week, nearly 150 residents and community stakeholders met at Blake High School to discuss the future of Tampa’s West River area – a 128-acre section west of the Hillsborough River that includes the river bank and its neighborhoods. Their passion and concern for the community generated great energy and ideas for revitalizing an important piece of Tampa’s urban core.

    Mayor Buckhorn opened the meeting, excited to officially start executing the Center City Plan with the West River.

    “This has the capacity to change historic West Tampa as we know it - in a positive way,” the Mayor said.

    Throughout the evening, speakers such as Sandy Moore of Urban Strategies, a new group of experts joining the InVision Team, reinforced the important role community leadership would play in the redevelopment of West River. The support of the community and residents taking active roles in making their neighborhoods a better place are two critical factors for success.

    "This is as much about people as it is about place," Moore said.


    The meeting closed with residents identifying and presenting their perspectives on the area’s strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats. All of this feedback will be condensed into a set of core values for the community and initial design plan to be presented at the July 18 community briefing at Blake High School.

    For more information on upcoming events, go to

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    Share Your Ideas for the West River Area’s Future

    The InVision Tampa team needs your help creating a thoughtful, connective plan on Tampa’s West River area, which includes the western bank of the Hillsborough River and its neighborhoods.

    "The West River area is a critical component to revitalizing our downtown and re-centering the city around our waterfront," said Mayor Bob Buckhorn. "As with past InVision Tampa studies on the urban core and Nebraska Corridor, the public’s involvement and feedback will be instrumental to ensuring that we can make it happen."

    Previously, with your help, we created the Center City Plan as a blueprint for redevelopment, improved quality of life and economic prosperity in downtown Tampa, its adjacent communities and the transportation corridor along Nebraska Avenue. Now, our expanded team of global experts, including the Tampa Housing Authority, will complete additional outreach to move forward on the next key element of the Center City Plan.

    The team will host one-on-one stakeholder meetings and a neighborhood charrette to allow YOUR voice to be heard during master planning. The process will culminate with a community meeting at Blake High School.

    Get involved by attending the events below. RSVP by emailing

    For more information on the West River study, go to

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    Letter to Mayor Buckhorn from InVision Participant

    Dear Mayor Buckhorn,

    I attended the Invision Tampa meeting last evening at the Children’s Board. I am so impressed with the program and very proud of all the improvements you and your staff have implemented. Your vision for Tampa is really inspiring, and we are fortunate that the City solicits the input of its residents and business owners. As you mentioned at the meeting, I have been involved in the Seminole Heights community for many years. I was born in Seminole Heights, so my roots go deep and I love my community.

    We have seen a real surge in the revitalization movement in our four neighborhoods with in Greater Seminole Heights:Southeast Seminole Heights, South Seminole Heights, Old Seminole Heights, and Hampton Terrace. Now, with the plans to improve and beautify the Nebraska Corridor, it will only become a better neighborhood, where our residents will enjoy an even better quality of life. The entire City will be dramatically improved, as the City Core is changed for the better. It is an exciting time to be living in Tampa!

    We are so blessed to have you at the “helm of our ship”. You are a man of great vision, with the determination and positive attitude to achieve your goals for Tampa. I look forward to seeing the Invision Tampa project unfold, as residents work together to continue making positive change in Tampa.

    As you continue moving forward for a better City, just know that you have my wholehearted support.


    Beverly A. Morrow, Trustee
    Southeast Seminole Heights Civic Association

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